An Unwitting Accomplice

I recently got back from trying to see an admission-only, fabulously amazing art exhibition.

I say "trying" because the place was jammed with people taking selfies in front of the artwork.

I felt very annoyed. It's not that I'm averse to selfies...I mean, most of my creative endeavors are one big selfie. But I paid a hefty admission price to see the show, and instead of being able to lose myself in the real-time, orgasmic experience of viewing the masterpieces in person, I ended up being distracted by flashes from cameras, or accidentally getting in people's way as they snapped their photographs.

Usually when people are taking photos, I stay out of their way until they're done. I don't like being in pictures unless my hair and makeup is perfect and the lighting makes me look young as springtime. Which is basically never. But finally I just went ahead and walked in front of their cameras, since it seemed to be my only choice if I wanted to see the art.

I suspect pictures of the back of my head are now trending on social media.

Which I guess makes me part of the problem.