Selected Guest Artist Appearances


Bethel College

 2001: Guest Artist Speaker, Senior Seminar

College of Visual Arts

 2009: Guest Artist Speaker

Hamline University

 1997: Guest Artist Speaker

Instinct Art Gallery, Minneapolis

       2016   Special Event: Robyne Robinson and Nancy Robinson in Conversation (during the show Unfiltered)

          2014     Special Event: novel reading during the art show Self and Others

Metro State University

2000--2018: Guest Artist Speaker

Minneapolis College of Art and Design

1999-2011: Guest Artist, Women's Art Institute

1996-1998: Guest Artist Lecturer, various undergraduate and graduate classes

Minnesota Museum of Art

1997: Artist Speaker

         North Hennepin Community College

                 2017: Juror, student art exhibition

Northwestern College

2000-2003: Guest Artist Speaker

Saint Catherine University

2013- 2019: Guest Artist, Women's Art Institute 

University of Minnesota

1997-2000-2005: Guest Artist Speaker

Visual Arts Minnesota (St. Cloud)

2006: Juror, "Essential Art" Exhibition

White Bear Lake Art Center

2011: Juror, "Northern Lights" Exhibition

Women's Art Registry of Minnesota

1991-1997: Facilitator, "Fresh Art" open meetings for women artists