A Man in the Street is Worth Two in the House

As a serious artist, I think about beauty a lot. I've formulated some theories about what we find beautiful, and I've decided to share one of my theories with you today. 

I think that what we find beautiful is consistent with what we find familiar. When we see a lot of something,  we get used to it and decide it's beautiful to us. For example: I'm wildly attracted to men with big noses, and since I have a big nose and have been looking at my own nose for many years, that must be why I'm attracted to men with big noses.  But that's kind of sick, since it implies that I'm attracted to myself, which I am not! Plus, I'm also attracted to men with small noses and medium-sized noses, not just men with big noses. In fact, I'm attracted to MANY kinds of men.

But I digress. This blog post is not about lust; it's about art. I may be a flirt, but first and foremost: I AM A SERIOUS ARTIST!

Back to the subject at hand. We were talking about beauty. Beauty is indeed familiarity. For example, there's this guy I see around downtown Saint Paul all the time.  He works in the public sector.  At first I barely noticed him. His appearance is nondescript, and I'm not attracted to nondescript men. I prefer guys who stand out from the crowd...you know, the ones wearing edgy outfits and exhibiting strange behavior. In other words, I'm attracted to guys everyone else has the good sense to avoid.

Again I digress. We were talking about the man from the public sector. He appeared to be no one special at first. But after after awhile, he began to grow on me.  Although we never spoke, his face lit up at the sight of me. My encounters with him were positive, upbeat and proactive. His behavior toward me, innocuous though it was, seemed geared to help me move forward in my life. And amazingly enough, everywhere I went...there he was! There was a weird serendipity about our seemingly-chance encounters. It made me think we were fated to be together.

Although at first I didn't think he was handsome, seeing him every day has made me realize he's dazzlingly iconic-looking in the way that only ordinary-looking guys can manage.  I've decided he's the most beautiful man I've ever seen in my life. In fact, I'm totally in love with him and want to marry him immediately.

The trouble is, I can't figure out how to get him to climb down from the WALK sign and run away with me.