Two of my readers just contacted me regarding my last blog post, The Dog Princess of Tinseltown. One of them discovered a typo when he read The Dog Princess of Tinseltown at 3 a.m. Assuming I was asleep in the middle of the night (and indeed I was), he decided to wait until morning to let me know about it. But he fretted about the zillions of people who might be reading my typo-riddled blog while I slept my way through the night, unaware of the disaster. He was so worried, he got up early and telephoned me before he'd even had coffee to alert me about the typo.

I immediately fixed the typo.

Another reader emailed me, also first thing this morning. He was worried about my feelings. He thought I was possibly still traumatized by the Los Angeles-era hairdo crisis I described in The Dog Princess of Tinseltown. He emailed me a link to a  poodle workout video, saying if I watched it I might feel better about my poodle hairdo.

I did feel better after I watched the video.

I'm so glad I have such caring and discerning readers, getting up early to alert me to typos in my blog posts and cheering me up about a bad haircut I had 20 years ago. How well my readers know the kinds of things which truly matter to me!

Group hug.