The Weather Report

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The beautiful men were out today. They were cleaning the streets and riding the trains. They were bustling through skyways and playing guitars and drinking coffee and wearing shoes and writing novels and handing out leaflets and sitting on benches and eating hamburgers and driving cars and dancing down Hennepin and reading books and waiting on tables and sporting fedoras and working in offices and whistling tunelessly and smoking cigarettes and flirting with women and getting arrested and hailing cabs and climbing barricades and walking through art museums and shopping in gift shops and starring in movies and talking on cellphones and frequenting bars. They were everywhere doing everything today, the beautiful men.

Yes was a VERY beautiful day today.

A Persistent Quirk , oil on masonite, diptych, 34" x 31" x 1/2"

A Persistent Quirk, oil on masonite, diptych, 34" x 31" x 1/2"