A Special Thanksgiving Message from Nancy Robinson

It was bound to happen sooner or later: someone mistook my blog for an advice column. "Julia" from "Paris" (not her real name or geographic location) just emailed me and said "Nancy, you're so clever and interesting, can you suggest a recipe for a unique and exciting dish I can take to a Thanksgiving potluck supper?"

Usually when invited to potlucks, clever-and-interesting me waits until the last minute and runs to a 24-hour grocery store to buy a couple of tubs of doughnut holes (one plain, one sugared). But I have a favorite potluck item I make on very special occasions, such as when I'm snowed in and the potluck is occurring in the hallway outside my door and I happen to have all the ingredients on hand.


Take one canned pear half and use as the bunny body. Place the bunny body on a fresh, ruffled lettuce leaf. Use the following for features:

  1. Nose: a maraschino cherry
  2. Eyes: pomegranate seeds
  3. Cotton tail: a large blob of mayonnaise
  4. Ears: uncooked, unshelled whole green beans
  5. Bunny trailings: raisins
  6. Other bunny emissions: the juice from the canned pears
  7. Garnish with baby carrots, cheese cubes, smoked oysters, teeny jars of caviar, expensive crackers, theatre tickets and glasses of champagne.

Assembly time per bunny: 30 minutes