Artist Statement


My art tells the story of my daily life. 

In my art, as in my life, mundane reality is invaded by fantastic events: everything is surreal and confusing. Hidden agendas abound, thoughts manifest themselves through anatomical distortions, and daily life is a rapturous dream and/or delicious nightmare. 

My first self-portraits, begun in 1995, were small works on paper painted with casein paint. I called them "psychological portraits". Rather than portraying myself as I actually looked, I invented icons to act as stand-ins for myself. I've since expanded my oeuvre to include large oil paintings. Many of the current paintings depict my own recognizable image.

Some of the archetypes I use in my creations are the stuff of Biblical stories or folktales, such as Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden or Pinocchio (the Liar). I'm fond of certain universal symbols: the banana appears often in my paintings, sometimes as a phallic symbol and sometimes as a symbol for mistakes or aging. There are other archetypes, such as the Suitor and the Secret Admirer, the Ugly Duckling, the Homely Sister, and the Faithful Dog.

Art history has been dominated by images of women as seen through the eyes of a man. My paintings depict the world from a woman's viewpoint.  I use humor in my art as a way of engaging the viewer and inviting them to participate in a friendly dialogue.

Although my work originates with personal experiences, it ultimately depicts the drama, passion and mystery of the human condition.